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The photographs below show a small selection of recent landscaping jobs. (Hover over each to compare before and after pictures.)

Graphic: leaf
Photo: new patio in garden no.1

"An efficient transformation of an unpromising area."
Mark Brierley

Photo: new decking in garden no.2

"Simon has done a great job!"
Mrs Freiss

Photo: new tiled patio in garden no.3

"It has transformed our garden."

Photo: new path in garden no.4

"I am very pleased. Now I can use my garden again."
Barbara Smith

Photo: rebuilt wall in garden no.5

"Great job: no more scratches on the car for the next 100 years!"
Pete and Katrina

Photo: new path in garden no.6

"We should have had this done years ago."
Vicky Gordon

Graphic: leaf

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